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Hollywood Manager Signs Script Summit Winner!

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Script Summit is about celebration, education, and opportunity. From our elaborate awards dinner and beautiful crystal trophies to seminars led by professional screenwriters and networking events. You can even pitch to a studio at the summit. But, we’re not done. At Script Summit 2019 we have something epic… you can win representation!

We’ve partnered with Krista Keller Talent Management who has offered to represent one of our writers for six months: visit to submit to the screenwriting contest & join the network.

Neil Chase 2018 Winner

Krista Keller has been featured on VH1, The Mother Daughter Experiment, Lifetime and the upcoming docu-series, “Courtney: The girl under the Veil, FNL Network. She has helped her clients get in front of studio execs, sign with a top agent in Beverly Hills, be cast on television shows and more.

Krista has agreed to retro the award to a writer from 2018. She handpicked one of our winners from last year and signed him to a SIX month contract. Neil Chase won a scene table read and was first place in Fantasy/Horror for his script “Dead Strays.”

Congratulations Neil! We can’t wait to see what happens next.

This opportunity will be offered in 2019 to a writer as well!

Visit to submit to the screenwriting contest & Join our network

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