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In the Spotlight: Dimi Nakov

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

You reap the benefits of what you sow. That is what Dimi is doing. Like most screenwriter’s, Dimi has been on a difficult path with his writing. But with perseverance, determination, and believing in himself, Dimi was able to not just pull through but shatter the wall completely. By not giving up and staying true to himself, Dimi has seen some incredible successes in his career and has even given back to the community to help others who have struggled as well. This is the sign of a truly special filmmaker. Which is why I am thrilled to introduce you to him.

This is Dimi Nakov…


Since 2009 I’ve produced a number of award winning music videos with over 1.2million views on You Tube, short films, and corporate videos for Coca Cola Amatil NZ. I also founded an Online Community - FGN Inc. (FilmMakers Generation Next Inc.), which is a Non-Profit. It’s mission is to engage, educate and support the next generation of filmmakers worldwide.

I was honored to be the first New Zealand Director to have two short films in competition at the 2012 Cyprus International Film Festival. From March-April 2016 & 2018 I was a member of an international screening committee for the Diversity In Cannes Short Film Showcase.

Since April 2017, my sci-fi screenplays have been circulating some of the top international screenplay competitions and festivals, delivering multiple awards. I’ve also served as a Creative Industry Advisory Board Member for South Metropolitan TAFE, Perth, Western Australia.

I love writing science fiction not only because I believe it’s very useful to all of us, but because it’s predictive as well. It reframes our perspective on the world. Like international travel or meditation, it creates space for us to question our assumptions. That’s why science fiction is invaluable to the ambitious, and why companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have brought in science fiction writers as consultants.

Q: How did you stumble upon screenwriting?

It’s taken me over quarter of a century to realize that I want to make stories come to life. Not just by Directing and Producing them, but also by writing the crazy stories that pop into my head.

My passion began when my grandfather first gave me a ZENIT TTL PM4755 camera. Fast forward a couple of decades later and I ended up in film school in New Zealand. For the longest time, I avoided writing out of fear. In 2016 I created the Phoenix Writing Group and teamed up with another passionate storyteller and actress Jean Marcello. Together we started pushing each other forward and have been writing together since.


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Q: Who/what inspired you into taking this path?

This is a very good question. Many people have combined to shape and encourage my film making. Of course, my parents and grandfather always encouraged my pursuits as well as my time in film school. Also, watching countless movies on VHS and DVD with my brother and sister was instrumental. (Yes I am that ancient)

Q: Who was the first person who believed in you?

I would place my mom, then my grandfather and myself as all in one bundle/combination of external and internal self-belief that we all need. When external belief is absent, then the internal self-belief has to grow and fill the gap and vice versa. So equilibrium and energy needed to keep going and keep following our passions is endless and fulfilling.

Q: When was the moment you knew you wanted to be a screenwriter?

It is hard to pinpoint a single moment. It was a gradual realization. Before 2011 I avoided writing all together because of the FEAR of not being good enough. After 2011 I started to gain the confidence and collaborated with other writers. In 2016 I joined forces with Jean Marcello and after writing few short sci-fi screenplays together I knew that is what I want to keep doing. I mainly write to direct and want to improve as a writer/storyteller to be a better director and filmmaker.

Q: How do you define success for yourself?

I define success for myself at this point of my life when I am able to keep creating, keep learning, keep daydreaming all while trying to survive financially doing other jobs and yet still enjoy juggling both, life and screenwriting. Being happy is what I find as being successful. Being Happy with who I am, what I am doing and where I am going.

Q: Give us a typical day in your life:

Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

Early bird definitely as I get up around 6am, but also I am a night owl as I stay late around midnight or so. I also like taking a nap in the afternoon when possible. That stretches my days a few extra hours.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

The first thing I do when I open my eyes is take a few deep gulps of water. I have read that after 5-6-8hours of sleep the body is dehydrated and needs intake of water even before getting up from the bed. It is supposed to be very good for your heart as well.

What’s for lunch?

I mix things up between healthy sandwich with salami, salad, cheese and tomatoes and the occasional Subway or Burger King ( Hungry Jack in Australia) with coffee. Love the deliciously good aroma of coffee and yet I drink only 1-2 coffees a day.

Do you have a pre-bed ritual?

Dinner, Movies/TV Series, Think, Research about a subject I am writing or write then off to LA-LA Land.

How do you define a successful day?

If I don’t skip my 50 min of cycling in the morning, then achieve my 10,000 steps goal for the day, I consider that a morning. Watching TV-Series or Movies, then writing, research or thinking about a project makes the perfect night.

Q: What’s been the most important skill you've developed on your path to screenwriting?

Being able to switch gears all the time, in terms of changing my routine so I don’t get bored and keep myself motivated, interested and passionate about what I am about to do each day. Being able to keep learning and take in any feedback given and make the most of it, especially if I don’t agree with it.

Q: What’s been the greatest challenge in your writing so far?

Believing in myself and letting go of the fear of failure.

Q: What’s been the greatest reward in the choices you've made?

Self-Belief. Self-Motivation. Helping others achieve the same.

Q: What do you want to learn from a community of your peers?

I love learning something new about the people I meet. I want to know who the person I am talking to really is. We all have multiple versions of our selves we put on like masks depending on the people and traits we associate ourselves with in any given moment. I love to be able to relate to them in some shape or form and learn what motivates them when things are at its worst and what makes them happy. I love discovering what makes people tick in different situation and how that human behavior can translated into the stories I am trying to tell.

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