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In the Spotlight: Iustina Ciobanu

Iustina has found her passion as a writer and has dived in headfirst. Her drive and focus have led her to write several novels and also become an award-winning screenwriter. It is of no surprise that she is incredibly humble as she is talented which is why I am excited to introduce you to her.

This is Iustina Ciobanu...


I was born and raised in Romania, then in 2014, I moved to the UK.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by writing, but I've always been too shy to let people see my work. At 29, I still can say that self-confidence is not one of my strengths, but I'm always giving my best to get things done as close as possible to perfection.

I'm a mother and a wife, and finding some free time can be challenging at times, but everything is possible as long as you genuinely want it to be.

Q: How did you stumble upon screenwriting?

A few months ago, more precisely in May 2021, I started writing my first novel; then, I could not stop. It became addictive. I had too many ideas and not enough time. When I got to my fourth novel, I could not help but start another one. I have been working on both for a couple of weeks, unable to put any of them down. That was when I decided to make my last project a screenplay. I have always dreamed of having my works shown on the big screen.

Q: Who/what inspired you into taking this path?

I can not say it was something or someone. I just felt like doing it, so I did it without overthinking about the outcome. I believe that writing is the best therapy for the mind and soul. You have the power to create so many amazing things; whole worlds, never before seen or heard species or rules, everything you can think of; there are no limits.

Q: Who was the first person who believed in you?

I think that I can say it was my six-grade teacher. She was always urging me to take more writing-related courses or get involved in different activities and to make a living from this. I still remember meeting her years later, and she asked me why I still didn't do it.

Later, after I started writing and met so many beautiful people, I can say that my good friend and author, Sergio Calado, was the one that was always there in my worst moments, pushing me forward when I was about to give up on writing.


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Q: When was the moment you knew you wanted to be a screenwriter?

I can not point out an exact moment. It just happened. Writing novels made me think how good of a movie they can make, so I decided to give this a try. Like most writers, I had my doubts; I still have them. But I think that this is a quality. Doubting yourself will always push you to get things done better.

Q: How do you define success for yourself?

As long as you do what you love, you are successful. Knowing that people appreciate my work in this industry means a lot for me as I want to make my voice heard. Success can come in different forms. But the less important form, I believe it is the material one. It can indeed be hard to make a living from doing what you love to do, but the satisfaction that you have from this is unique.

Q: Give us a typical day in your life:

  • Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl? I would say that I'm more like an Early Owl. I always go to bed late and wake up early.

  • What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Check my emails for any possible good news, then get my son ready for nursery.

  • Do you have a morning routine or ritual? I do. I am not able to function without a glass of water and a large cup of coffee.

  • Do you have a pre-bed ritual? I will often edit, set goals for the following day or week and plan new 'chapters.'

  • How do you define a successful day? A productive day is a successful one. If I can reach all or most of my goals, I'm content with myself.

Q: What’s been the most important skill you've developed on your path to screenwriting?

I think I became much better at planning my work. I will always split my story into several main ideas that I will develop one by one, including each character, to the smallest detail.

Q: What’s been the greatest challenge in your writing so far?

Learning as I go brings along all sorts of challenges. But the most significant one was, and still is, the language - grammar and vocabulary. Being self-taught gave me a hard time. But nothing is impossible. The best proof is being here and writing this.

Q: What’s been the greatest reward in the choices you've made?

The fact that I've been able to have my work read by so many people and be an award winner in a few film festivals in such a short time, plus the lovely feedback that they all offered, is my greatest reward. It is a huge confidence boost for me as a writer and person.

Q: What do you want to learn from a community of your peers?

I want to learn everything that is possible to know; how they do it, why, and what motivates them. How are they able to pass all the obstacles to reach their goals, to make their dreams come true?

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