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In the Spotlight: Robert Harmon

Writing is just so darn much fun!!!

When carving out a career as a screenwriter and hitting the daily grind of the writer's life it can be easy to forget why we do this. It's fun! We love to do it. It allows us to escape and become lost in the new worlds we are fortunate enough to craft at any moment we choose. Robert clings on to his joy of screenwriting which fuels him to forge onward and is now even getting his work produced. This is why I am excited to introduce you to him.

This is Robert Harmon...


I have a desire for a Christian Entertainment ministry. My spare time is spent writing screenplays and novels which can be made into screenplays. I have been working the same day job since 1994 and came to run it at the end of 2018. Writing is a “means-of-escape” from the daily grind. I was an on-air radio personality in 1987-88 and was active in high school and church drama. I have acted in some short films and love to watch movies. My favorite movies are: classics, comedies, sci-fi, and westerns.

Q: How did you stumble upon screenwriting?

I got screenplays from the local library and looked up screenwriting in GOOGLE. Eventually, I purchased FinalDraft and began writing. Through entering contests in FilmFreeway, I eventually ran into Script Summit. I love reading screenplays and writing them!

Q: Who/what inspired you into taking this path?

I had a dream to write some kind of entertainment-oriented item like a book or screenplay. Some of this inspiration has to come from me loving to be a “ham.” I have loved to act and hope to write a “one-man-show.”

Q: Who was the first person who believed in you?

I was first told of how a short screenplay I had was good, by Rick Simpson – actor, screenwriter, and film director out of Enid, OK. This would have been in early Spring, 2018. What he told me I will never forget. He said, “I would rather have a tooth pulled than read most things sent to me but I enjoyed what you sent and read it through in one sitting.”

Q: When was the moment you knew you wanted to be a screenwriter?

When I saw that a fellow screenwriter/director had faith in my story. This let me know that, “by golly”, someone other than me thinks I may be onto something. So I got to writing more and more.


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Q: How do you define success for yourself?

Getting a screenplay turned into a film. Also, just feeling good about what you have written. Honestly, if we don’t like what we write, we won’t be able to promote it very well.

Q: Give us a typical day in your life:

Well, I just like to eat - period. Work takes up most of my time but, I love to write and think up story ideas. I like to think of ideas and jot them down.

Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

Night Owl. Night is my favorite time to write. When things are quiet is when I can work best. Research on what makes up the characters and background of my screenplays is as fun as the writing.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Feed a kitty who thinks she is the hungriest of all God’s creations. Feeding her reminds me of Western movie types who always said, “feed your horse before taking care of yourself.”

Do you have a morning routine or ritual?

After feeding the kitty, I make coffee, exercise, pause the television so I can fast forward commercials, wake up the wife and then watch television as I eat breakfast.

What do you do during the day?

Mostly just office work. I love to scribble notes about screenplays I am working on. If a choice bit of inspiration hits me, then I jot it down. Also, I absolutely love e-mailing or calling people who write for a living.

What do you do at night?

Watch some choice pieces of favorite films from YouTube and write as I can. For a western screenplay I have been working on for years, I am continually organizing props, books, and pictures to have a better feel for the time the screenplay is set in.

Do you have a pre-bed ritual?

Yes. I get all ready for bed, then put on hand lotion and hold my hands up to pray until it dries. If I use too much lotion, the prayer is longer. This ritual dates back to when I used to help change diapers on my children decades ago. In my mind, there has to be a landfill somewhere named for them.

How do you define a successful day?

When I get to write and come closer to completing a screenplay. If I have made any progress, I sure sleep better at night. Writing is just so darn much fun!!!

Q: What’s been the most important skill you've developed on your path to screenwriting? Honestly, the best is networking with people who make things happen. I am extremely pleased with Jason Campbell of JCFilms, who has re-written my screenplay MOSES PRAYER FOR EASTER, directed it, and will have it ready for an Easter premiere. My publisher, Gary Vincent of Burning Bulb Publishing, was critical in getting my book and audiobook on Amazon.

Q: What’s been the greatest challenge in your writing so far?

Getting noticed. FilmFreeway has been excellent in getting me to connect with people all over the planet. Sometimes I get lonely writing but, I know I make a difference as others have made a difference to me.

Q: What’s been the greatest reward in the choices you've made?

The greatest reward was to have a book and film out at the same time! The book has been an advertisement for the film and once the film comes out, it will help advertise for the book. It is absolutely wonderful to know that any part of your writing is being turned into a film!

Q: What do you want to learn from a community of your peers?

How they were able to connect with directors and producers to make things happen. Also, I just like to hear how my peers are doing and what they are creating. I feel so blessed to be around creative people who have ideas that often get turned into finished products.

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