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I spend a great deal of time thinking about the Facebook algorithm. Will it become sentient and achieve dominance over our species? Will its artificial intelligence, birthed from programming designed to anticipate and manipulate human behavior, render us defenseless to its demands? Are we blithely welcoming the start of a Matrix-like colonization of humanity? Such are the wandering thoughts of a man whose prospects were once so promising...

During an earlier time, my career focus was motivated by impressions of practicality. I would receive a degree from the University of Florida, in Business Administration. Then, a MBA from MIT􏰊􏰋's Sloan School of Management􏰎. My mother was pleased by the seeming likelihood of a future filled with prosperity and financial security. I interned at Coca-Cola, then worked for 􏰋several years at a family business, marketing the company's products nationwide. For a good while, I resembled and adult.

Then, things unraveled. I resigned from my position in the midst of the Great Recession. I worked on short films and began to write screenplays. I traveled to Los Angeles and started over as a thirty-something, interning for a pair of production companies (Valhalla Motion Pictures and TreeLine Films).

After a while, I returned to South Florida. I was introduced into the local theatre community, where I began playwriting and producing one-act plays. For several semesters, I served as an adjunct instructor of Story Writing and Script Writing courses at Miami Ad School -- a creative arts school specializing in preparing students for careers in advertising.

Today, I continue to write TV pilots as samples of my voice. Along with imagining fictional worlds and characters, I spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating curiosities of no interest to most. I wonder about the Facebook algorithm. And, whether I'm writing this on its behalf?

Brian Cohen
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