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Born biracial in 1970 and adopted by a White political activist and her dedicated farmer husband from Nowhere, Wisconsin, Kennedy Martin Sabelko, experienced many “teachable moments,” each worthy as its own psychological thriller! Kennedy is a licensed therapist that uses his expertise to vicariously draw his audiences into a world where consequences do indeed, dictate one’s course of action. Kennedy’s masterpiece, The Protégé, brings awareness to mental health issues in an extremely macabre way! All of the "victims" in the Protégé are based on his experiences with clients over the past years. The Protégé is the kind of story that will leave movie-goers spellbound by its creativity, engaging characters, and compelling race-against-the-clock narrative. It has all the hallmarks of a great Hollywood thriller that will leave audiences gripping the edge of their seats begging for more…


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Kennedy Sabelko

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