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I'm an Australian screenwriter (Australian Writers' Guild).

My first spec feature screenplay – The Real Thing, a Romantic Comedy/Sci-Fi/Coming-of-Age feature – has won and placed in numerous international awards:

40 Winner, 36 Finalist, 18 Semi-Finalist, 12 Quarter-Finalist, 2 Other, 16 Official Selection.

At the New Media Film Festival 2020 award ceremony presentation, Chelsea Lo Pinto (Director of HBO Program Strategy & Planning) stated that the winner of Best Script "exemplifies these qualities [innovation and vitality] and, most importantly, adds something to the genre that is unexpected and new".

I've recently landed a terrific Literary Manager, and no prizes for guessing that I'm now seeking the right producer...

Check out any of my profile sites or interviews if you'd like to know more about me:

Matthew Papadopoulos

Matthew Papadopoulos

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