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At The Successful Screenwriter, we have made it our mission to help independent screenwriters break into the industry. Our screenwriting competition, Script Summit makes that happen.  Past winners have been signed by talent managers, seen their scripts get produced, and have their work pitched to production companies. That is why Script Summit is listed as one of the Top 20 Biggest Screenwriting Competitions in the world!


Our winners receive a Coverfly Development Package, InkTip Pro Listing, and will even be featured in a Podcast Interview on The Successful Screenwriter.


Script Summit is now virtual for everyone to attend! As a participant in the Script Summit Screenplay contest and a member of The Successful Screenwriter community, you can expand your knowledge with in-depth seminars taught by professionals, gain tremendous insight from Q & A Panels, and receive weekly script requests from producers seeking the next big script. This is all exclusive to our members.

Join our community of talented writers! Chat in our forum. Be inspired to write with our daily quote, discuss screenwriting with your peers & experts, and even chat about the latest theatrical releases. Available for the Free Membership
Check out our blog where we discuss the industry and how it's changing. We even let our imagination roam free...which can get interesting.
Learn all that you need to know to take part in our latest script summit screenplay competition! Be sure to read through the rules thoroughly before submitting
At our goal is to support our fellow screenwriters — from our free 15 minute consultation to our one-on-one sessions, write us here and get in touch today
This my fine, un-feathered friends is the real deal. You can soar to Vegas with real hope. Come back with real cash and connections. After my win, I was greeted by several executive producers interested in my script. And afterward, Director Geoffrey Calhoun set the winners up with real pitches to bonafide real executives. Forget the festivals who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Submit to Script Summit and be a part of something real.

- Kelly Jean Karam -
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