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I'm a part time writer and musician, although my 'real' job takes care of the bills and my expensive hobbies! I've had a life long love of writing, which started at school, and has continued right through my working life. I have been a musician and composer since childhood (guitarist), and have written many songs, musical pieces, two stage musicals and a television theme for ABC Television (Australia).

I began writing corporate comedy skits while working for a large IT firm in the 90's, and then subsequently collaborated with my twin brother on some stage musicals he was writing for the high school market. This led me to write the two stage musicals of my own, both of which I have adapted for feature film.

This inspired me to then write other feature film scripts, which really served as my 'apprenticeship', to learn this demanding craft.

This is now paying off, and my latest work, "Cadenza", has in 2020 nabbed a quarter-finalist spot, three semi-finalist spots, and one FINALIST spot in a number of international screenplay competitions based in the USA. The finalist spot is of course in the Script Summit Competition - a recognition for which I am extremely grateful!

I've always loved people, and have worked in customer-facing roles most of my life. I'm fascinated by their lives, stories and the way they think, talk and act. This has been a great inspiration for my writing over the years.

With my three kids now entering adult life, I'm looking forward to spending more time in my writing, composing and other creative pursuits! I enjoy writing complex, meaningful and uplifting stories, with layered plot-lines and characterization. My 'natural' genres seem to be romantic comedy/dramas with a dash of mystery - often incorporating a musical theme - being a musician! I have several new projects and ideas in development, which I am looking forward to revealing over the next while!


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Mark Nahuysen

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