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I am a recent graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelors degree in Writing & Rhetoric (Focus on creative writing) as well as minors in both English and Communications. I have been writing fiction since I was a young boy, and spearheaded my craft into screenwriting in college.

I have a large portfolio of features and pilots under my belt that are ready for eager eyes. I am a workaholic when it comes to my craft. I try to flesh out every idea just to see what comes of it. Sometimes a stupid story produces an interesting character, one that can fit perfectly somewhere else. 

I love action/drama and comedy. I've always been told that my timing is perfect when it comes to punchlines, set ups and delivery. However, compelling dramas with a few action sequences sprinkled in is my bread and butter. 

I'm am happy to send my work to anybody willing to read it. Everything I have is registered with WGA. 

Mike Colucci

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